Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can seriously disrupt a person’s life or a business’s future. At Everest Law we strive to provide expert advice to ensure that our clients can rest at ease. Our goal is to guide you through your dispute in the most competent and cost-effective way possible.

There is no doubt that a dispute can be difficult for an individual or a corporation and Everest Law is here to help. At Everest law the goal is to provide you with a 360-degree approach. We evaluate what is best for your interests by looking at all facets of your litigation/business. The result is that we provide you with a comprehensive game plan to deal with your dispute whether that is through litigation or some other form of dispute resolution.

While we work hard to resolve your matter, where we shine is litigation. Civil litigation can be complex, and you can be rest assured that Everest Law will guide you through every step of the way with expert advice.

At Everest Law we engage in all manner of Civil Litigation so call us or come see us for a free consultation.

At Everest Law we can help with:

Personal Injury Real estate issues Corporate issues
Personal Injury Real estate issues Corporate issues
Shareholder issues Financial issues Insurance issues
Professional Services Litigation Employment issues Manufacturing issues
Distribution issues Confidentiality issues Insurance Litigation
Insurance Coverage Property Casualty Shareholder Disputes
Disability Claims Employment Fraud
Errors and Omissions Discrimination Mortgage Fraud

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Have you or a loved one been charged criminally? We understand that this is a stressful time and Everest Law is here to help. At Everest Law you can be sure that you will get expert advice and as accurate a description of the situation as possible.

Omer S. Chaudhry of Everest Law spent the formative years of his career working for a prominent criminal lawyer. Rather than just learning on the job Omer got his experience from senior lawyers. Because of his training Omer has represented clients with the most serious of offences.

Omer specializes in dealing with cases where there are multiple facets to be considered, for example cases where there is a criminal and a family law component. Whatever your charge is, get in contact with Everest Law for a free consultation.

Some of the matters we deal with are:

Domestic Assault Assault Sexual assault
Domestic Assault Assault Sexual assault
Youth Criminal Justice Act Drinking and driving (DUI) Fraud
Drug offences Murder Manslaughter
Assault with a Weapon Bail Hearings Bail Reviews
Break & Enter Charter Applications Environmental Prosecutions
Fraud Highway Traffic Act Offences Importing
Immigration Prosecutions Internet Related Charges Professional Disciplinary Proceedings
Quasi-Criminal Prosecutions Robbery Sexual Assault
Tax Prosecutions Theft Over 80 and Impaired

Family Law

Family Law

Family Law

If you are searching for a family lawyer, then there is already too much stress in your life. You need a lawyer who will be supportive, who knows what needs to be done and can keep you focused on the end goal. At Everest Law we pride ourselves and providing you with the best advice possible. We take pride in making sure that when its time to work on your file that you get absolute focus. The goal here at Everest Law is that you will feel relieved after visiting us and will be able to relax knowing your in good hands.

Litigation – Divorce & Separation

We cover all aspects of family law litigation. Omer S. Chaudhry at Everest Law has experience representing clients form all walks of life. From professionals that need to maintain a certain image to business owners with significant assets and complex equalization calculations to spouses who have nothing to their name.

Litigation is the last resort but at Everest Law we are ready to guide you if you must go down this path. Omer S. Chaudhry has had a tremendous amount of experience litigating issues regarding child access, custody, complex property division, child support, spousal support, jurisdictional issues (issues regarding international jurisdictions) etc.

Litigation is our expertise and our goal is to provide you with service which will take as much stress off your shoulders as possible.

Dispute Resolution

If what you need is a lawyer to help guide you through a dispute which can be resolved by providing you with expert advice, then you should look no further than Everest Law. Many lawyers can be skilled negotiators but what you need is a lawyer who also knows the laws and its practicalities and is motivated to do what is needed to be prepared. Many lawyers “wing it” when it comes to settlement discussions but here at Everest Law we believe that it is important for our lawyers to be fully prepared so that we can get the absolute best results for our clients.

Other Services

• Negotiated Agreements including but not limited to Prenuptial/Cohabitation/Marriage Contracts; Custody/Access Agreements; Separation Agreements and Support Agreements;

• Changes to Agreements or Court Orders;

• Appeals

• All aspects of mediation and arbitration;

• Court proceedings, including, but not limited to: Preparation of Court materials; attendances at Court (including Conferences, Motions and Trials);

• Emergency matters;

• Custody/Access disputes;

• Common law relationships;

• Division of property;

• Divorce and annulments;

• Adoption;

• Child welfare/Children’s Aid Society matters;

• Child support/spousal support;

• Suspension of Drivers’ License and Family Responsibility Office matters;

• Restraining Orders/police enforcement;

• Contempt matters; and

• Child abduction and Hague matters.

If you are not sure whether we at Everest Law can help or not please reach out to us as we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Remember, your lawyer should reduce your stress, not add to it!



Omer S. Chaudhry is the principal mind behind Everest Law.

After completing his education Omer decided to immerse himself in law by working for a litigation firm. He spent years there learning the ins and outs of litigation from senior counsel. Omer presents himself as a calm and resolution minded individual but has a competitive spirit which is indicative of his work ethic and makes him an asset in your corner when it comes to litigation.

About Omer

Omer is a native of Mississauga and did his undergraduate at York University. He then got a scholarship to attend Florida Coastal Law School.

Omer graduated with honours from Florida Coastal School of Law and earned his J.D as well as receiving a separate diploma in Research and Legal Writing. Omer was recognized for his extensive Pro-Bono work in the Jacksonville community.

Omer has a passion for community work and prior to attending law school Omer volunteered most of his time to local charities.

Omer enjoys spending time with his family, specifically with his two children. The fact that Omer is a litigator speaks to his competitive spirit and even with his busy schedule he finds time to compete in local softball and soccer leagues.

Apart from English, Omer is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi and can provide services in these languages.

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